Clean Swap: Stain Remover

After I started Diccia and my first clean swap post, a friend commented she was looking to make the switch to a non-toxic home in her upcoming move. With two kids, and one on the way, she had one main concern, finding a stain remover that rivaled her current one.  When I was doing my research, one of my biggest surprises was that a great product I already used had a version that was completely non toxic and EWG approved. She was just as surprised when I shared it with her. Though the spray application of  Shout is different to OxiClean Baby’s soaking method, this non toxic version is great at getting stains out. If you’re looking to swap your go to stain remover for a non toxic version, I urge you to give this one a try.

Clean Swap_ Stain Remover

Why is it worth the swap?

Shout Triple-Acting Stain Removing Spray

Think Dirty Rating: 7

EWG Guide to Healthy Clean Rating: F

Dirty Ingredients:

  • Fragrance: it can be a combination of nearly 3000 fragrant ingredients is added to mask odors or add a scent. This is considered proprietary information and manufacturers don’t need to disclose specific ingredients. May include possible carcinogens and possible allergens.
  • Sodium Borate/Borax: May cause respiratory and skin irritaion. High concern for  possible reproductive toxic effects.

OxiClean Laundry Baby Stain Soaker

Think Dirty Rating: not yet available

EWGGuide to Healthy Clean Rating: A

Dirty Ingredients:

No Fragrance or Borax

—All info on ingredients and the possible health repercussions are from the Think Dirty App and EWG’s Healthy Cleaning Guide Database, Diccia’s two favorite references when making smarter decisions—

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