The Detox Market Box- May 2018




Description: The Detox Market features one or more green beauty products from the selected brand of the month at a value of at least $90 with complimentary shipping.

More info: Click here

Cost: $49.50/mo if you buy one, $44.95/mo if you buy 3 at a time, $39.95 if you buy 6 months at a time  (USA)

Frequency: Monthly

Ships to: Only US shipping

What was promised:  1+ products ($90+ value)

Value of contents: $133.00

Brand(s) I had heard about:

  • One Love Organics

Product(s) I was excited to try:

  • Both! I had both of them on my list of products to try and was super excited to get them!

Rating: 5/5

Overall thoughts: I was very happy to see that the products I received were regular product size versions each, on their own, worth more than the box.  I’ve incorporated the vitamin C serum into my morning routine using it right after cleansing. It definitely makes my complexion brighter and smoother. The body oils smells like pineapple and is quickly absorbed by the skin leaving a nice sheen, and not a oily look– a little goes a long way.

Would I get this box again: yes!!!!

Other notes: I loved that the box brings a little description of each product, with an expert tip and a Q&A with the “maker.”

Pinterest_ Detox Market Box May


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