5 Genius Makeup Tips from RMS Beauty founder: Rose-Marie Swift

Rose-Marie Swift and me at Credo in Boston

Yesterday I was lucky to attend a master class with Rose-Marie Swift, RMS Beauty’s founder,  at the Credo store in Boston who showed us how to make the most of her glow-enhancing products.

 I absolutely LOVE her products and un-coverup was the first Clean Beauty product I felt passionate about so I was very excited to serendipitously be sitting next to her and get to act as her demonstration model a couple of times. One of the first things she taught us was for Un-Coverup lovers like me. You can layer the Un- coverup with the Tinted Un -Powder for a full coverage effect that still looks natural. To do so, just use the uncover up, then the un-powder and if desired, more un-coverup where you want more coverage or a more dewy finish.

It was a fun night filled with information about the ingredients in our conventional makeup that’s not good for us, tips and tricks on how to apply makeup application in an easy and great way, and lots and lots of laughs. 

Meeting Rose-Marie was a treat, but my admiration only grew for her as I saw her passion, wittiness and vast knowledge in person.  She’s one of those women you meet and wish you could get her advice on everything from the right blush ( Lip2Cheek in Spell for me) to how to handle challenges in life.


Here are  5 genius makeup tips from RMS founder, Rose-Marie Swift

Master Mixer is way more than a highlighter

The RMS Luminizer in Master Mixer is a great highlighter, but it’s not just for giving you a glow. Blend it into your favorite lipsticks and eyeshadows to give it an iridescent effect. Just blend both on the back of your hand and apply with your fingers or a brush. 

To use it as a highlighter that gives a subtle glow. RMS suggests dabbing it on the highest part of your cheekbones from the end of the iris out.

RMS Luminizer in Master Mixer
RMS Luminizer in Master Mixer

Skin needs to be healed from the inside out

Use probiotics and digestive enzymes to help you achieve clear skin. They restore the balance of good and bad bacteria in your gut and help you digest foods that might be hard to digest for you. These both can help with breakouts and dull skin.

Beauty Within Probiotic+Prebiotic
RMS Beauty Within Probiotic+Prebiotic
Beauty Within Digestive Enzyme
RMS Beauty Within Digestive Enzyme

Apply bronzer where the sun hits you

From her experience working with Victoria’s Secret and their sunny photo shoots Rose-Marie urged us not to use bronzer to contour like Instagram makeup artists suggest. The best way to use bronzer to lift our face up is by using it on the highest parts of our cheeks, lightly across our nose and on our forehead near our hairline.  Using it to mark our cheekbones makes our face look longer and droopy. 

This tip applies for both her Buriti Bronzer and her Contour Bronzer. She recommends using fingers or her foundation brush to apply it.

RMS Buriti Bronzer
RMS Buriti Bronzer

Be strategic about where you use blush

A lot of us, I included, don’t give much thought about where we apply blush. We’ve been doing it forever and kind of do it automatically. Rose-Marie showed us a side-by-side comparison of the difference blush placement can make. The trick is to place blush high on your cheeks and not bring it below your nostrils.

She recommends her Lip2Cheek in Beloved a lot because she believes it works on just about everyone. For me, Rose-Marie recommended Spell, a mauve-ish color that I never would’ve picked for myself and absolutely loved (and bought).

RMS Lip2Cheek in Beloved
RMS Lip2Cheek in Beloved

When doing your brows, focus on the top

Most brow tutorials I’ve seen online start filling in brows by making a straight line along the bottom of the brows, but Rose-Marie swift showed us that if we focus on filling from the top down as this actually lifts our eyes. Try it side by side on your brows and you’ll see the difference.

She used her Swift shadow in Tobacco Roda TR-97 to fill in someone’s brows and it looked great. If you look at your brows without any product they’re not completely matte and the slight shimmer made it look natural. 

RMS Swift Shadow
RMS Swift Shadow

I want to say thanks to Karen,  the rest of the Credo Newbury team and Rose-Marie for a great night! 

Hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks! Email or comment if you have any questions.



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