Easy Hosting: Easter Brunch

I made this table to participate in a cute Insta contest that encouraged participants to share their easter table decoration. The tables I’ve seen so far are beautiful and elaborate and Pinterest-worthy. As a fan of hosting, and, of course, Easy Hosting, I jumped at the chance of using the contest as an excuse to challenge myself to create a thematic Easter table spending as little as possible. I won’t be hosting an Easter brunch this year, but I wanted to show you that you could have a unique table with thematic details without buying the full set of bunny-printed plates. Though, honestly, who wouldn’t want THIS plate.


I knew I wanted to use bud vases and not spend a bunch on flowers so I called my friend Claudina from Bluht and she helped me put it together with a couple of tips.

  • Monochromatic Blooms: She suggested I use different flowers of the same color to create an eclectic look that still looks put together. We used elegant tulips that are typical of spring and paired it with tropical gingers and anthuriums that added an element of suprise. For all pink flowers we kept the stems long to add height to the table that didn’t obstruct the view across.
  • A different kind of foliage: We added another pop of color with tiny yellow flowers instead of foliage that we placed way lower in tiny bud vases.
These were the bud vases we used for the long-stemmed pink flowers. (Click to Shop)
These were the bud vases we used for the tiny yellow flowers. (Click to Shop)

A Unique Place Setting

Napkins not used as Napkins

I fell in love with these napkins when I saw them at Papaia Store in Santo Domingo. They’re from Meri Meri and I knew they were going to add the perfect touch.

Click to Shop

I didn’t use them as napkins but as decoration by placing them under glass plates.

Here are other elements you could between a glass plate and a charger plate for decoration. Click on the picture to shop.

Charger Plate & Glass Plates

I’ve owned these charger plates for over a year and have probably only used them once because I never set a formal table. I bought them because they were at a super good price and it’s one of those things I thought I needed but really didn’t. Now that I discovered the layering idea I’ll probably be using them more. I bought mine at Casa Cuesta, a local store in DR, but here are other neutral and affordable chargers that could be used like this:

The glass plates I bought at World Market a while back, but below is a similar product from Amazon that is super affordable with great reviews:

Click the picture to shop.

Bright Napkins

I would’ve loved to use light pink or yellow napkins, but all my napkins seem to be grey, white, or incomplete. So I tried the fuschia napkins I already have a bunch of (I bought over 20 for my sister’s birthday dinner). This napkin was perfect! Gave the table a splash of bright color. I loved the effect of using these napkins and will probably be getting them in another bright color since they’re so affordable.

They’re super affordable cotton buffet napkins from Amazon:

Click to shop

Funny Letterboard

An easy way to add something funny and thematic to an event at home is a funny quote or saying in a letterboard. I try to update this letterboard whenever I have friends over and it’s always a hit. It’s usually hanging out in my kitchen, but I moved it to the entryway for a funny greeting.

You could use a chalkboard, letters on your fridge, a lightbox or a letterboard. In my old apartment, I used to have a lightbox in the entryway, and now I have this letterboard hanging in my kitchen which always end up being the first stop for everyone that comes to my house.

Get creative! It’s a fun way to not take your event or yourself too seriously.

My letterboard was a rare Home Goods find that was the perfect fit for the wall I was putting it on. Though I can’t find a similar size online, I’ve linked a small square one below that fits just about anywhere. Because of it’s size you can prop it against a wall or place it in just about any corner. It would look great on your bar car!

Multi-tasking Dessert

I used decorated cookies by Cookies for You, a bakery in Santo Domingo that always has seasonal beauties in stock, to add a splash of color and continue the theme of the event. The great thing about these are that multitask as on-hand dessert.

I chose a mix of decorated sugar cookies and decorated rice krispies treats so that any gluten-free people in the mix could also have a treat. You can find decorated sugar cookies at your local bakery or on Etsy.

You can also use macaroons in matching colors, miniature chocolate eggs in bowls and peeps!

Remember to never take your events too seriously and enjoy everything along the way!



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