Diccia is a personal blog where I will share advice, recipes and learnings about the small decisions i make to live a balanced happier and healthier life.

This blog started because I’m very bad at sharing recipes. Horrible at it. I change them as I go and when my friends ask for them they get pictures of scribbles or screenshots with partial edits on them. Here, I’ll be sharing my healthier twist on recipes without the need for understanding my messy handwriting.

While I’m at it, I’ll also be sharing tips on other things that make me healthier and happier like clean beauty, a less toxic household, and some travel guides (because why not).

I am not a life coach, a chef, a holistic health coach, a nutritionist or a guru, just a lucky girl sharing what she finds with her friends.

I hope you enjoy Diccia!

Thanks for the visit,




*All icons used by Diccia are created by Made by Made from the Noun Project.

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